Engaging the Heart and Mind: The Role of Commitment in Organizational Effectiveness

Think back to a time when you struggled to get employees on board with a new initiative. Why did big motivational incentives fail to increase your productivity, satisfaction or profits? What were the challenges for retaining your top talent or implementing change? Understanding what inspires commitment is a key success factor for talent management, personal development, organizational effectiveness and increasing employee engagement. Learn about how to develop commitment, the benefits to you and your organization and the costs of not having a dedicated team. Increase awareness about different forms of commitment and how they influence behavior, well being, and contributions to organizational effectiveness.

Participants will take away a fresh perspective and tips about how to deliver motivating communication that lifts performance and decreases resistance to change. This workshop will discuss the concepts related to personal and professional growth.

Length: 4.0 hours

Three Essential Skills for Transformation: Aligning Personal Vision to Business Strategy

Sometimes the will to succeed is not enough to sustain personal and professional growth. You need the right training too. What will it take to connect your personal career goals to business strategy, increase performance and continually transform your life? We’ll explore the three core skills that can change your personal and professional life! Learn how these three essential communication skills can enable the efficiency, scope impact of everything you do. This engaging course increases awareness and provides best practices leaders can apply to propel personal and professional growth through a transformational approach.

Length: 5.0 hours

Overcoming the Failure to Thrive: How Leadership factors Influence Stakeholder Engagement

Effective leaders know that leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and constituents who willingly to follow. The association between high levels of engagement and organizational performance cannot be ignored. Not every motivational incentive is effective, and cultural shifts in diversity, generational issues and technology require real behavioral change from leaders and members. How do top leaders keep employees informed, productive and engaged?Let’s explore why leading researchers believe that servant leaders don’t think of themselves less, they just think about others more! Learn how leadership factors influence successful member engagement. This high-impact course increases awareness and provides strategies leaders can use to build and maintain an engagement culture, helping you:

  • Identify trends and challenges
  • Sustain high levels of commitment;
  • Motivate members to embrace a shared vision
  • Communicate for buy-in.

Length: 3.0 hours

The Lost Art of Feedback: How to Give and Receive Constructive Feedback

There are all kinds of things that can raise an environment’s temperature and burn people out. Leaders and managers often experience power shortages when they need it most. Teams lose energy and inspiration to inefficient practices. Dealing with difficult situations and people or delivering bad news can be challenging. How can you cool down the stress in your environment?One of the most important tools for maintaining control, encouraging constructive communication and developing talent is the proper use of feedback. Learn why feedback is a critical communication practice for leaders and managers and how to use it to enhance team effectiveness. This interpersonal skills workshop integrates theory, best practices and real world situations to provide the principals and strategies for effective feedback.

Length: 3.0 hours

Accent Modification and Reduction Training

Address 23 critical and frequently confused pronunciation, grammar and stress/intonation rules with word and sentence lists for practice. American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) certified therapists will help you understand and use best practices to modify your accent. These trainings allow individuals with regional accents and foreign accents to improve speech clarity, boost confidence and successfully interact with others in their career and life through:

  • Group workshops to improve organizational objectives
  • Individual needs assessment to identify problem areas
  • Customized Communication Plans
  • Technical assistance with editing cover letters and resumes for grammar, sentence structure, tone and content
  • Discussion of interview skills and socially appropriate behavior.
  • Virtual communication contexts
  • Cross-cultural considerations

Length: 6.0 week series
Class size: 12
Virtual and Live Classes

How to Win with Public Speaking and Presentations

Do you want to improve your vocal image, projecting confidence for a competitive business edge? This program covers presentation basics, advanced techniques and guided practice that facilitate skill mastery. Participants deliver prepared presentations or speeches and benefit from small group learning through collaboration, modeling, feedback and coaching. Upon completion, you will know how to prepare, personalize and present winning oral presentations.

Length: 8.0 hours contact hours
6.0 Hour Workshop
2.0 Follow-up Teleconference Coaching and Video Analysis

Essential Skills Seminars

The communication improvement program adds strong value for advancing your overall strategic focus. Effective communication skills improve the relationship between management and employees in the workforce and improve your profile to potential clients. This course will teach you and your team members to convey confidence and credibility, communicating better with each other, industry colleagues and clients. Learn how to:

  • Increase self-awareness of how you communicate with others
  • Lead effective and efficient meetings
  • Build rapport and establish trust in your conversations
  • Save time and manage projects efficiently
  • Inspire creativity, boost productivity and collaborate better

Length: 60-90 minutes

Customized Workshops

Lead change through people, build and sustain high-performing teams and leverage personality strengths to increase performance! Apply knowledge from personality assessments to increase awareness and develop healthy engagement cultures. Workshops are customized to suit your needs and are available in three assessment areas:Team Building

Discover effective ways of working together by using Jung Typology Profiler™ personality assessment. Leverage natural strengths of team members and improve team cohesiveness.LeadershipBecome an effective leader with a personality assessment that will improve leadership skills through self-awareness. Understand your leadership style and how to leverage your own personality strengths and those of your team. Learn the best ways to motivate and create an effective work environment.Career Development

Use personality assessments to discover preferable activities, work style, the best ways of working with others and how to manage conflicts. Improve job satisfaction and reduce stress.

Length: ½-day and full-day workshops
Groups: Minimum 6
Assessment Required

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