Personal Communication Assessments

Our personal assessments are the most effective way to discover how others feel about the way you communicate and improve your messaging and delivery to others.

Basic Speech Repair Kit
Send us an MP3 or video file and we’ll provide a just-for-you assessment that will increase your self-awareness, pointing out the dos and don’ts of your personal speaking style. Make changes today and positively influence your next audience of 1 or 100. Start now for $125!

Speech Repair Kit Deluxe
Are you ready to take your quest to communicate better all the way? Our in-depth, customized analysis can take place in-person or via teleconference. During this taped session, your communication style will be thoroughly analyzed, with feedback provided instantly. You will also get a personalized strategy for improvement that includes carefully chosen tools and techniques. Get the insight, confidence and tactics to deliver your intended message every time. Start now for $225!

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Become more confident, positive and relaxed in front of an audience or in personal speaking situations. Identify your verbal, vocal and nonverbal presentational strengths. Gain insight into how to structure and organize your message or presentation and how to be more persuasive. Learn how to improvise, use body language to further your message and the best way to organize your presentation space.

Emergency Presentation Preparation
Have you got a presentation that’s only a week or two away? Are you feeling unprepared, nervous and overwhelmed? You can get our Public Speaking and Presentation Skills package instruction in a crash-course that will get you ready in plenty of time.

Regional and Foreign Accent Assessment
Accent reduction integrates the learning of the sounds, stress patterns, rhythm, and intonation patterns of American English—the keys to improving your American accent and conversational skills.

Communication Impairments
Screening and assessment for the degree and severity of communication disorders. Speech to language pathology approaches offer effective strategies for prevention and management of communication disorders. Individuals who have acquired disorders may need skilled intervention to improve communications and total quality of life.

Orthodontic Speech Improvement Programs
Adults need to get braces for a variety of reasons, sometimes because orthodontic issues impair the clarity of speech. A temporary device can contribute to a new way of speaking and communicating that will benefit all areas of your life. We will work with you and your orthodontist to develop a customized solution.

Personality Assessment
Leverage your personality strengths for career success! Obtain your personalized Career Development Profile based on Jung typology. Market your strengths and land a job faster. Discover the work environment where your will be most successful, fulfilled and contented.

Meeting Facilitation Skill Analysis
Meetings are the key communication tool used to enact leadership and get things done. Effective meetings increase productivity, encourage engagement and lead to future action. Gain insight on your meeting facilitation skills and processes. Learn how to efficiently use technology to collaborate more efficiently and achieve objectives.

Strategic Planning
You know what you want to do but need to know how to get there and how to remove barriers blocking your potential success. This facilitated strategic planning session identifies problems and underlying issues. Discover insights and set goals with more clarity, purpose and focus.

Fundamental Focus

Fundamental Focus is a boutique training and development firm located in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in business communication services. We are dedicated to interpersonal effectiveness, performance management, communication competence and developing a stronger workforce. We are dedicated to success.

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We provide comprehensive services to professionals, for-profit and nonprofit businesses, government entities and academic institutions.

Our programs and services support business, organizational, workforce and economic development initiatives. The Fundamental Focus Team administers well researched and validated assessments, speech training and coaching as well as business communication skill development coaching and training.

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